What Is Clairaudience? What It Means & How To…

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What Is Clairaudience? What It Means & How To…

One of the most difficult psychic senses to develop is the sense of clairaudience.

The reason it’s difficult is that it can be hard to discern the difference between your inner conscious voice and the information that you are receiving from “beyond the physical.” This fact should not deter you from working with this wonderful gift!

What is clairaudience?

Clairaudience is a psychic ability where a person receives intuitive information through the sense of hearing beyond the physical senses. It involves perceiving sounds or messages from the spiritual realm or higher dimensions.

Clairaudience is the soul’s capacity to capture audio or sound information from beyond the limits of the physical sense of hearing. In addition, this information can be a form of mediumship because it can come from voices heard by loved ones, guides, angels, or the Divine.

Clairaudients experience messages through their inner or mind’s ears as sounds, voices, or thoughts that are not heard through the physical ears. Clairaudience is not a mental illness but an ability that people may possess and can be developed through spiritual practices and exercises, meditation, or with the help of a spiritual teacher or guide.

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Clairaudience is for precognition, a sense to fight or flee a situation. It gives you insight, problem-solving skills, inspiration, or ideas to help you create. Other nuances include the ability to occasionally hear the thoughts of others, and learn about another person’s aura by hearing the name of color when you’re next to another person.

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