Travis McMichael testified Wednesday at the trial for the killing of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia. McMichael, his father Gregory McMichael and their neighbor William “Roddie” Bryan were charged with murder after cellphone video showed Arbery being chased and shot dead in February 2020.


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2 thoughts on “Travis McMichael testifies in trial for Ahmaud Arbery’s murder | full video”
  1. 6:14:09 he gave it away with that slight nod, when asked if he hit Ahmaud Arbery with his truck – his mouth is saying he didn’t but his body disagrees.

  2. The father/son attempted to make a citizen’s arrest after spotting Arbery fleeing (after he was spotted/startled by a neighbor) from the direction of the house that had recently/repeatedly been trespassed upon and from which – in particular, from a boat being store on its property – an item had recently been taken.

    They did this because Arbery fit the description recalled by the son, Travis, of someone he’d seen at the house several days prior, and who he thought may have had a gun (about which he placed a call to the police), as well as of the suspect seen on video at least four times prior. Furthermore, they did this because, according to court testimony, Travis saw the neighbor “’…conveying a clear message’ to the McMichaels, that Arbery was ‘the same guy’ who stopped by the property before… Matt Albenze, who was walking up the street, went like that [motioning a waving hand signal] to Travis and Greg… Greg walks into the yard, actually, and sees Matt Albenze motioning down the street, in the same direction Arbery was running.”

    The above facts constitute a justifiable reason to conduct a citizen’s arrest, based upon 1) Probable Cause: Arbery’s repeated, at one time observably surreptitious presence at the house (two weeks prior, when, as noted above, Arbery was hiding from the son, who thought he may have had a gun on him), which would indicate to any rational person that his intent was likely to steal – i.e., that he was committing at least attempted burglary, a felony; and 2) Immediate Knowledge: The McMichaels seeing their neighbor, Matt Albenze – in effect, the epistemic nexus for the McMichaels, tying together Arbery, Arbery’s flight, the house, and thus his putative intentions therein that day – motion with his hands toward the fleeing Arbery while he was calling the police on him, thus, in the McMichaels’ mind, logically connecting Arbery in that moment with the above, rationally inferrable offense of having committed actual or attempted burglary within the house.

    As to self-defense, the son drew his [legal] weapon on a fast-approaching Arbery because 1) as a precaution, due to his aforementioned eye-witness recollection of seeing Arbery at the house several days prior with what, in his mind, may have been a gun; and 2) seeing Arbery presently holding a foreign object (which he subsequently tossed during his flight, after “Roddy” yelled, “Drop it! Drop it!”), which the son may well have inferred was a gun – that is to say, two justifiable reasons for him to have drawn his shotgun on Arbery. Arbery, then, suddenly and violently attacked the son, who, in turn, defended himself with said firearm, resulting in Arbery’s untimely, albeit self-precipitated death… Case closed, alas.

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