Title: This Video James Sok Vs Monk Hok Savvan about Hun Manet

Welcome to #EYENEWS #JamesSok

Hello my beloved guys, here is my channel which I will producing you with that mostly talking on Khmer society hot news and it show audiences from the rule critical thinking to almost Cambodian. However, I think it is amazing way to make people build the own idea for valuation the problems situation that happening around us. Clearly, some tips are making people think not good on this content because they are missed understand about the real social, and they just looking at the outside of Cambodia society. I pardon you first for something’s wrong, but I will try meaning explain to make you follow up the scenes and understand on this unique content, because it has many useful to you.

The Knowledge is the root for human development from the old history, Studying is the base of human creative, so we all need education and orientation to catch up the base of human thinking. Humanity around the world can get knowledge from everywhere by schooling, home schooling, social schooling, formal schooling and the most important now is social media schooling that is the most reasons I created this channel for training you from making videos from Khmer social news to Cambodian in or out country who love to track Khmer developing and real hot news society.

I need describe you that my content society news are refer to the most popular talking and explaining in their live show as Mr. James Sok or Sakoun Sok speech, Sorn Dara speech, Sakuntheaarak Long speech, Sona Ro speech, Kim Sok speech, Sok Tuoch speech, Samdech HUNSEN speech, RFA Khmer Radio, RFA Khmer news, RFA etc.,. That all of that contents are the news in Cambodia.

I didn’t hope all Khmer or Khmer abroad enjoy with my content but someone who love my videos will spread this knowledge to most people who similar categories to you and bring them to get new knowledge in their life to make a new innovation. Finally we will reach YouTube threshold 100k subscriber together for spread the knowledge to people in country as abroad.

Many Thanks, sincerity and best hope for our future goal together,
I love you, you love Khmer, Khmer love each other, Khmer will be stronger,..

Here is more videos for you need:

2 thoughts on “This Video James Sok Vs Monk Hok Savvan about Hun Manet”
  1. លោកពូសួរលោកតានេះថាតើសម្តេចហ៊ុនសែនគាត់ជាចោលួចអីខ្លះ កាពិតសម្តេចហ៊ុនសែនគាត់ជានាក់ជួយជីវិតមនុស្សរាប់លាននាក់ឲ្យរួចផុតពីកាកាប់សម្លាប់ក្នុងរបបប្រល័យពួជសាសន៏ចុះលោកតាហុកសុវណ្ណជានាក់បួសបានជួយអ្វីខ្លះដល់ជីវិតមនុស្សឬសត្វគឺគ្នានមានតែសាងមាត់បាប

  2. លោកសង្ឃក្បាលកញ្ចាស់គ្មានដឹងពីប្រវត្តិសាស្ត្រខ្មែរធ្លាប់រត់ដោយសាសង្គ្រាមហើយនិយាយឆ្គួតៗខ្ញុំសុំសួរតើលោកសង្ឃកញ្ចាស់ហ្នឹងកាន់ធម៌ព្រះពុទ្ធឬក៍ធម៌អីបើសិនជាកាន់ធម៌ព្រះពុទ្ធមិនដែលធម៌ព្រះពុទ្ធឯណាប្រដៅអ្នកបួសដូចលោកចាស់ហ្នឹងទេបើចង់ធ្វើនយោបាយដោះស្បង់ក្រវាត់ចោលសិន។

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