Lisa News Full Mac Commercial x Money on TV in Peru x How You Like That 1 Billion x More

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It’s been only two months and with only 3 songs, Lisa has managed to rake in 28.1 million monthly listeners on Spotify. This means we are just days away from Lisa surpassing her own group to nab the 2nd place spot for the highest peak of monthly listeners in the history of K-pop. The milestone would also make Lisa the most-listened female K-pop artist in Spotify history.

In other Lisa News, How You Like That has surpassed the 1 billion views milestone, becoming the 5th Blackpink song to do so. It has also surpassed DDU-DU DDU-DU to become the fastest female K-pop song to hit 1 billion. Blackpink is now tied with Taylor Swift, Sia and Shakira for number of female music videos with 1 billion.
K-pop artists with 1 billion view videos are as follows.

In our final Lisa News, Money recently was played during a show in Peru called Amor y Fuego which featured a segment on the popular TikToker Rosangela Espinoza. Needless to say, Lisa’s impact has reached every corner of the world. What do you think of today’s Lisa News? Please comment, like and subscribe!

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  1. I’m Thai from Thailand has thai nationlity​ like lisa I’m cry this is Lisa’s influence that she has an impact on young new generations around the world my heart attack my hands are shaking I’m very proud of Lisa she is my ponytail rapper barbie doll​ 🥺 😢

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